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  • Between 10%-25% of a company's assets are sitting idle and will never be utilized during their useful life. With RONAstar you can take charge and begin redeploying and reusing these assets!

  • Use RONAstar for better asset utilization, more efficiency across business units, increased Return On Net Assets, and smarter decisions for asset disposition programs.

  • If you could cut your purchasing and procurement expenditures by 5%, what would that do to your bottom line?

What We Do...

The RONAstar cloud-based platform saves Global 1000 Companies, Institutions, and Governments millions of dollars by helping them redeploy their idle fixed assets more efficiently.

Bottom Line Impact

Achieve both substantial savings and high ROI quickly with little or no risk or impact on existing operations. More

Simple To Use

With a look and feel that's similar to an e-commerce site, it's easy to learn and even easier to start saving millions quickly! More

Better Asset Utilization

The RONAstar platform can help manage all types of idle assets more efficiently: Excess, Unallocated, and Surplus. More

Solve Real Problems

RONAstar has a wide variety of applications including retail fixture reallocation, SOX compliance, and asset consolidation. More

An overwhelming 77% of Financial Executives are dissatisfied with their company’s ability to redeploy idle or surplus assets internally instead of purchasing new fixed assets." More...

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